Action Appraisers & Consultants, Inc. has been contracted by the Town of Cato to perform a Revaluation of all properties in the town for 2021. Property Reviews will start March 1, 2021 and continue to completion, approximately May 14, 2021.

Please call 920-766-7323 within 10 days of receiving a postcard to schedule an appointment for a full inspection of the property whose parcel number is listed on the mailing label. If no appointment is scheduled an assessor will be stopping at your property when in the area.

Due to Covid 19, our assessors will be wearing a mask when entering the interior of properties. Wisconsin Statues, Section 70.32 instructs assessors to value property based on actual view. If an assessor is not allowed access to view a property, value is based on the best information the assessor can practically obtain.


You have the right to refuse entry into your residence pursuant to Section 70.05(4m) of the Wisconsin Statutes. Entry to view your property is prohibited unless voluntarily authorized by you. Pursuant to Section 70.05(4m) of the Wisconsin Statutes, you have the right to refuse a visual inspection of the interior of your residence and your refusal to allow an interior inspection of your residence will not be used as the sole reason for increasing your property tax assessment. Refusing entry to your residence also does not prohibit you from objecting to your assessment pursuant to Section 70.47(7) of the Wisconsin Statutes. Please indicate your consent or refusal to allow an interior visual inspection of your residence.

The postcards will be sent out in batches as we work through the town starting in Section 1.